Membership of The British Tennis Coaches Association is open to any reputable individual that holds or is working towards holding a recognised tennis coaching or teaching qualification. It is a requirement of our association however, that all those working within the tennis teaching sector also hold additional valid DBS Clearance certification. These must be valid throughout the duration of the holders membership with BTCA. Members must also work within the guidlines of LTA Safeguarding and Protection policies. Any non-compliance with these requirements will result in an invalidation of that members associated Certificates and Insurances. It is also a requirement that all members adhere to the BTCA Articles of Association at all times and also The LTA Code of Practice for Working with Young People. All Members of BTCA shall be subject to the Organisations Articles of Association. A copy of the Articles is available to read via the Memberzone Area accessible from the Members Profile Page. Each Member is deemed therefore to have full knowledge of the content of the Constitution. All Members will be responsible for implementing and upholding the Constitution and shall be under an obligation to report any breach by any other Member or Members to the Board or the National Manager. Failure to do so will itself constitute a breach of these Articles which may result in disciplinary action against the Member concerned. NO TRANSFER OF MEMBERSHIP: A Member cannot transfer his/her interest or any part of that interest in the Organisation, and his/her membership shall be cancelled if he/she purports to do so.